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7 Fall Décor Ideas for Your New Mission, TX Home

October 20th, 2015

At Bentsen Palm we love dressing up the Clubhouse, Community Center and grounds to celebrate the festive fall season. Our interior decorators will also be adding the latest fall trends to our model homes. Try one or all of the seven trends listed below around your house this fall.

Local Produce of the Season

For hundreds of years people have taken inspiration from fall foliage and produce – so why not use all these natural elements in your décor? Pumpkins, apples, gourds, acorns, pecans, pine cones and squash can be used to create colorful displays. Keep things fun and fresh by also mixing in fall treats like candy corn.

One of our favorite DIY décor ideas is to cut out the top of mini pumpkins and add a votive candle for fall inspired illumination. Larger pumpkins can be carved out to create a natural base for centerpieces and bouquets.

Mix Textures With Neutral Colors

Instead of using color for contrast and wow-factor focus on using texture to add interest. Blend soft, hard, rough and smooth textures all together in one space. If you keep everything in a neutral, monochrome color scheme the mix of textures won’t be too overwhelming.

The Grow’n Growers Farmers Market is a great place to find artisan accessories with handmade texture. Burlap is a great fabric option that’s easy to work with if you want to craft a piece on your own. A rug is another way to easily add texture to any room this fall.

Don’t Be Afraid of Black and Dark Grey Backdrops

There’s no better way to make autumn colors pop than by pairing them with black. Use the inky hue on the backdrops of bookshelves, accent walls and back splashes. If you’re hesitant to go completely dark try charcoal grey instead.

Warm Up With Tweeds and Thick Knits

The high-end construction of the Mission, TX homes for sale in Bentsen Palm guarantee that you’ll stay warm and comfy inside. But another way to make rooms extra cozy in the fall is with plush blankets and throws in thick materials. This year tweeds and thick knits are really on trend. Grab a few pillows in these warm fabrics to complete the look.

Vintage Pieces Used for Fall Pastimes

McAllen area real estate is surrounded by a natural wonderland that provides endless outdoor entertainment. Bring a part of the local interests into your home this fall for understated décor that still has tons of intrigue. Vintage hunting rifles and butterfly nets can be mounted on the wall or propped up in the corner to add a touch of rustic charm.

Reading by the warm glow of a fire is just as enjoyable now as it was hundreds of years ago. After you’re done reading you can turn old book pages into a fall banner. This simple craft project will add a cool leafy look to outdoor and indoor spaces.

Rich Plum Colors

This fall Pantone is predicting that shades with purple tones will be very popular. On their top 10 list is Amethyst Orchid, Marsala and Cashmere Rose.

Warm Up Wood Tones

For the last few years extremely dark, ash grey and lighter woods have been on trend. But fall 2015 wood is warming up. Wood flooring, furniture and décor with golden tones pair beautifully with autumn colors, and they warm up a room all year long.

Come by and visit the model homes at Bentsen Palm to see how professional interior designers have used some of these top fall trends.


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