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Summer 2016 Design Trends in the Rio Grande Valley

August 23rd, 2016

Get the Latest Summer 2016 Design Trends in the Rio Grande Valley


Ready to refresh a room in your Bentsen Palm home with a new look? Or are you looking at new homes for sale in the Rio Grande Valley? We’ve got just the inspiration you need with this list of the latest design trends that will help you create a home that fits your unique style and taste.

Easy-to-Care for Materials – Making your home more livable and relaxed will give everyone a sense of ease. If you’re building new or replacing, look at choosing low-maintenance materials for countertops like quartz or ceramic tile and ceramic tile for flooring.

Macro of ceramic background

Sitting Down Together – Formal dining rooms are making a comeback and with bold, inviting colors and designs that create the perfect gathering space for family and friends. Be sure to optimize your dining space with appropriately sized furniture that doesn’t overwhelm the room and make use of walls with floating shelves or built in shelves vs. bulky cabinets.

Large bright beige dining room with cherry hardwood.

Bright, Open Kitchens – Open floorplans create an easy flow between the kitchen, dining and living areas. Adding to that open airy feeling is a trend toward more open cabinetry and less upper cabinetry in the kitchen. Many are also opting for more color in the kitchen, from bold blues and black to colors that pop like geranium.

Kitchen with bar stools at counter

Livable Bathrooms – One of the fastest growing trends is to make bathrooms more of a special room versus utilitarian. Artfully painted walls or stunning wall coverings add to the ambience of the room. Or choosing a unique focal point such as a mirror or light fixture can give a bathroom an exceptional look. In larger bathrooms, designers are creating an actual living space with oversized chairs or seating for added comfort.

Two basins in bathroom

New Fixtures – Little details like new fixtures can offer an easy way to transform the look of a room without a lot of added cost. Black matte fixtures make a bold statement and can even offer a focal point for a room.

Accent Walls – Whether it’s a brightly colored wall or accent wall paper, you can give a room an entirely new look and an exciting new focal point with little added cost. Or if you’re not feeling too adventurous, explore the wide array of decal options available that can add a temporary pop of color to a neutral or white wall without permanently changing the room.

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