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Enjoy Nature this Fall in Bentsen Palm

November 9th, 2017

Fall has officially arrived which means it’s the time of year where its finally cool enough to enjoy the outdoors and watch the colors of our beautiful nature-filled community change. 

Creating a habitat where both residents and nature grow together has been the foundation of the community. It warms our hearts that the residents of Bentsen Palm Development are just as dedicated to wildlife and nature preservation as they were over 15 years ago. Developing a community built on fostering a love for nature was not easy but every obstacle has been well worth it. We specialize in indigenous plants that attract and feed the butterflies and birds that make the Rio Grande Valley their home. Which is why it brings a smile to our faces every time we see photos of residents enjoying the natural beauty of the community!

More than 300 species of butterflies make the Rio Grande Valley their home throughout their lifecycle, and more than 200 of those have been identified within the National Butterfly Center grounds, just down the street from the community. This amazing preserve is so important to not only Bentsen Palm but the entire Rio Grande Valley so make sure to check out the 22nd annual Texas Butterfly Festival at the National Butterfly Center from November 4-7, 2017. Year after year, this event has been a favorite among fellow residents as it provides a rewarding and remarkable outdoor experience that you can’t find anywhere other than south Texas.

We feel blessed to be a part of this wonderful community and will continue to support a nature-friendly habitat that residents can enjoy.

Buying a new house for sale in Mission, TX at Bentsen Palm offers you the opportunity to support natural habitats for the variety of wildlife that make the region so unique. Come by to tour our houses for sale in Mission, TX today!



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