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Bentsen Palm Buying Process

February 10th, 2018

The Buying Process

The buying process of a new home in Mission, TX is something which can be extremely exciting, yet it’s important to be knowledgeable of the process in which a typical buyer goes through here at our Bentsen Palm community. Read on to learn more about us and how we approach this new and exciting milestone in your life!

Our Sales Leaders

Our Sales Leaders have the expertise, know-how, and overall confidence to walk you through the initial process of selecting a proper floor plan which is well-suited to you and your family’s needs. There are many aspects of this process which often go overlooked in the traditional purchase agreement process amongst other communities, yet here at Bentsen Palm, we take the extra steps to help you make the right choice. Our floor plans not only come with the traditional square footage and design selection process, they additionally include your selection of elevation, customized requests, and unique structural options (covered patio extensions, 3-car garages, etc…). You’ll have the ability to reserve your home site with your signed purchase agreement and the initial $5,000 earnest money deposit. When you choose to place your deposit with your favorite choice of floor plan, you’ll be securing your property as a down payment on your home.


At Bentsen Palm, we enjoy providing the opportunity for you to experience true customization with your financial dealings when interacting with us here. Our in-house mortgage coordinators will go above and beyond to ensure you have the smoothest transition into home ownership possible. They’ll work with your preferred lender and are also able to coordinate efforts with a wide variety of financial institutions. This convenience offers the luxury of not having to search and search for alternative solutions when the best option is right in front of you here at Bentsen Palm! Additionally, we closely work with the selected title company, surveyors, and appraisers to ensure you have the easiest move possible into our beautiful community. To best process your mortgage application, we’ll require a completed application within seven days of the contract being signed and Bentsen Palm must receive an acceptable commitment prior to developing your home. If you decide to purchase your new home in the form of cash, we’ll require a “Proof of Funds” letter form your bank before starting the construction of your new home.

Selection Meeting & Final Signing of Property

At this stage of the process, you’ll be able to define your home with your own sense of style, taste, and persona! We have an excellent in-house, interior designer residing in our immaculate community design center. We offer a significant number of customizations for your future home and with the styling and designs of Tuscan-style renderings, traditional intricacies, and contemporary features; you’ll find Bentsen Palm to be a community where everyone can find what they’re searching for. Are you searching for a specific style of landscape design? At Bentsen Palm, we’ll have the available options and luxuries to best implement your preferred foliage in a way which has exquisite designs, yet also incorporates eco-friendly features. Our homebuilder portal allows you as the future resident to dictate which features you’d prefer and which features you’d prefer not to have on a real-time basis. After you’ve completed your selections within your property, you’ll have a final sign-off meeting which will confirm all of your choices for your amazing new home! Any alterations conducted after this point in the process are subject to change order fees and are completed under the sole discretion of the builder.

Your Pre-Construction Meeting

Once the finalization of your selections have been completed, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with the construction manager within our Bentsen Palm offices to ensure accuracy and consistency amongst your selections. Prior to commencement of your construction meeting, we’ll provide you with an estimated timeline of your home’s completion. Our online homebuilding portal will allow you to detail your selections, be alerted of important dates, access photo updates, and revisit your overall timeline review. A majority of our properties are completed within sixteen weeks as long as conducive weather conditions are present.

The Framing & Electrical Components of Your Home

Prior to placing the initial drywall application throughout your home’s walls, we’ll provide the opportunity to have a thorough walkthrough with the electricians and framers to confirm all structural and electrical components are properly placed and fitted. Your construction manager will detail all of the electrical wiring and fittings and showcase all facets of your home’s interior from a framing and electrical perspective.

Visiting the Construction Site

If you’d like to visit the active construction site, you’ll have to abide by our safety regulations. These consist of attending viewings Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Your sales leader and construction manager will accompany you and provide the proper safety hats to protect you from any potential hazards. Throughout the on-site visit, your construction manager will be happy to answer any and all questions which may arise.

Your Pre-Closing, Final Walk Through

This portion of the process is one of the most exciting as it’s when you’re able to see how your home truly functions and works with your customizations. As you walk through your home, you’ll be guided on how to best submit your warranty claims if the occasion ever arises. Additionally, our detailed orientation will include demonstrations of the multitude of amazing features and systems within your new home!


By following the steps outlined above, you can be assured of a smooth, on-time closing which will take place at the title company of your choosing. Our mortgage coordinator will work with you and your lender to ensure you are aware of closing dates, documents needed to close, and required funds.

Closing Process

As you follow the aforementioned steps above, you’ll find the timeliness of the closing process to be a smooth and efficient system. All of said closing processes will occur within the previously selected title company. Our mortgage coordinator will align efforts with you and your lender to handle all closing dates, documents, and required funding to ensure closing of the property.

Post Move-In

After completing your move-in, you’ll finally be able to enjoy your home! However, our relationship with you and your new home does not end there. We proudly stand behind our work and take great pride in our craftsmanship. We’re here to answer any and all questions or concerns which may come about when residing in your new home. Feel free to contact us to learn more about Bentsen Palm and how to begin the process of building your dream home. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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