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Is the RV Life Right for You?

enero 5th, 2018

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RV Living within Bentsen Palm

Consider taking a few long trips to see how you like it. It’s also a good idea to speak to other “full-timers” to see what the lifestyle offers before committing to it full time yourself.

Can You or Are You Willing to Downsize?

By the time most people are ready for retirement, they’ll accumulate a lot of “things”. Some necessary-such as furniture and appliances which are replaced by those in an RV. While others are more sentimental and decorative. If you choose the RV life after retirement, you’ll have to separate from your unnecessary possessions. This can be difficult for some so you may want to consider doing it in stages over time.

Do You Enjoy Traveling?

If family vacations stress you out and you miss your home while you’re away, then being in an RV full time may not be the best choice for you. With that said, if you love traveling and exploring new places, a retirement full of RV-ing can offer a lot of excitement and adventure. Keep in mind, there is a wide range of ways to “RV”. Maybe you want to travel full-time, staying no more than a week or two in any location. Perhaps, taking up residence part of the year in a specific RV park that you return to annually is more what you have in mind. There’s no one “right” way to become an RV-er; do what’s right for you.

Time Management

Consider how much time you’d like to spend RV-ing. If you’re thinking about traveling full-time this means you’ll probably wont stay in any location longer than a week or two.

Will You Be Able to Afford It?

As with any lifestyle, RV-ing requires a lot of thought and planning behind what your budget is and living within your means. With a few thousand dollars, you can purchase an older motorhome or fifth wheel, or a new small travel trailer.

In Conclusion

The RV life is extremely alluring to retirees, especially those who have been in the same place during their working years. If you’re concerned about affordability, there are many work-camping jobs available at Bentsen Palm Village RV resort. If you don’t have an RV, there are many places that you can rent one from so you can get the full experience before committing to a complete lifestyle change.

A More Permanent Setting

If you’re looking for something more permanent, its now possible to find homes with an RV port in the Rio Grande Valley. Many of the homes for sale in Mission, TX at Retama Village feature covered RV parking spaces. These hybrid homes are the ideal investment for “winter Texans” that enjoy RVing.

Welcome Home!

It’s a place for both of your homes – The connected patio integrates RV living with a regular home. The oversized patio has more than enough room to park an RV, add an outdoor kitchen and create an entertainment space. It’s easy to maintain a home and hit the open road anytime you want. Feel free to schedule a tour of Retama Village at Bentsen Palm to explore all of the available casitas and RV port homes.


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