Prepare for the Upcoming Hot Months: Best Ways to Landscape Around Your New Home

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Buying a new home in Mission Tx

Buying a new home in Mission, TX is just the starting point for your new life. There is going to be work needed following your purchase. And you better get on that right away because the summer months are upon us. Why not start your landscape planning now? Every successful landscape has a Good Plan in place; preferably on paper and not just in your mind. The process involves drawing up a landscape design that will help you understand, organize, and develop your yard for its best use and enjoyment.  And let’s face it, South Texas is not your traditional environment. Texas A&M Horticulture has some great tips for planning your gorgeous new landscaping.

Nearly every Soil Can Be Improved to increase plant health and conserve water. Sandy coastal soils can benefit from the addition of large quantities of organic matter, such as shredded pine bark, peat, rice hulls, and compost. This will increase the soil’s ability to absorb and store both water and nutrients in a form available to the plants. A 4-inch layer of organic matter, mixed in with the soil at planting time, will aid in the establishment of shrubs and trees.

Landscaping a New Home in Mission, TX

Trees, shrubs, and ground covers should be Selected and Located with Care.  Because the coastal environment can be unforgiving, use locally native plants as much as possible.  The Texas A&M Horticulture website has lists of plants that have been tried and tested and will grow your location.

All plants must receive very good care during the first year or two after planting.  Putting Together a Maintenance Plan is a must for your new landscaping.  Plants will suffer a setback if they are not watered enough, or on time.  A well thought through an irrigation system is essential for your beautiful new home.

Drip Irrigation is a fantastic way to increase watering efficiency in many parts of your landscape. Drip systems apply water under low pressure, slowly delivering water through emitters, bubblers, or spray heads to the root zone of the plants, without waste from over-watering or runoff.  Drip systems are ideal for shrubs, perennial and annual flower beds, vegetable gardens, and for establishing trees.

New Home in Mission, Texas Landscaping

The use of Mulch conserves moisture and aids in establishment and maintenance of plants. Mulch is a layer of material covering the soil surface around plants. Organic mulches, such as pine bark, compost, wood chips, and grass clippings, not only conserve moisture but increase the organic content of the soil as they decompose.   Mulch around plants reduces evaporation of water from the soil and keeps the soil temperature more moderate, thus creating a more favorable growing environment. Mulch also suppresses weed growth which competes with plants for water, nutrients, and light.

Enjoy the process of planning your new beautiful landscape.


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