Décor Tips that Will Give Any Room in Your Del Oro Home at Cozy New Look

Changing a room up in your Del Oro at Bentsen Palm home can be exciting and for some a full makeover may be just what’s needed.  However, often simple changes can make a difference in any room helping to create a cozy look by making one or two decorating adjustments. We’ve shared five of our favorite Mission, TX new homes for sale decorating tips to help inspire you to create the perfect look to any room.

Create openness – Arrange furniture in each room by moving seating away from the walls, make sure you do not block doors or walkways, or cover windows with overly elaborate window treatments to give the room a more inviting look.

Choose the right furniture – if your present furniture isn’t the right fit or look, one option is to reupholster or simply start fresh with new pieces that aren’t too trendy and will stand the test of time as well as matches your personal style.

Choose the right furniture

Mix and match – create your own look, mix collections, textures, patterns, old and new, soft and strong to increase the visual interest of a room.  Start with a focal fabric or item and mix in other patterns of different styles from the same color family.  And when it comes to wall treatments, choose patterned wallpaper or paint for a strong look in a room or solid wall paper or paint for a softer look.

Mix and Match

Bring nature inside – Adding greenery creates a calming and homey feeling in a room not to mention the indoor air cleaning benefits. There are so many ways to add life to rooms and walls with ideas like oversized terrariums, all kinds of shapes and sizes of wall planters for succulents or herbs and of course potted plants placed strategically about a room.

Bring nature inside

Let your spontaneity free – the central part of any room tends to be the focal point, but one way to create a cozy feel is it make use of those tucked away corners by turning them into intimate seating areas with oversized ottomans with pillows or a small settee and table for quiet reading or conversation.

Let your spontaneity

Bentsen Palm features distinctive neighborhood living ideal for families that want the most from their McAllen real estate area investment. We invite you to tour our model homes and discover how you can create the perfect home your family at Del Oro.


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