Get the Latest Bentsen Palm RV Home Trends 2016 in Mission, Texas

RV ownership continues to rise, up 8.5% according the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, as the number of active adults look to live out their retirement dreams of traveling around the country.  While many opt to live in the RV year round in locations like RV parks McAllen, TX or Rio Grande Valley RV parks in the winter months and then moving to northern parks in the summer, many RV owners actually want more of a permanent home base for their RV lifestyle vs. the camping experience. Some of the latest trends in RV homes range from affordable to more luxury option while still emphasizing the beauty of the outdoor lifestyle. The choice is yours when it comes to fitting your lifestyle.

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A popular choice among those that want an affordable permanent option during the winter months, but plan to spend more time on the road, is the RV supersite.  Supersites often include a double-wide pad, patio area for outdoor entertaining and an add-on building called a coach house.  For example, the coach houses in Retama Village at Bentsen Palm are 12’x24’ and outfitted with plumbing and electric.  Owners of the supersites typically turn these coach houses into a living area for added space with a bathroom, small kitchen and laundry area with washer and dryers.


Another popular trend in RV homes are the RV casita style home, which are typically one bedroom and one bathroom, open floor plans for kitchen/dining/living, with a full hookup RV pad.  These lovely little homes offer just the right amount of extra space for those looking for a little more creature comfort while still at an affordable price point.


The RV port home is a newer concept and one that is growing in popularity throughout luxury RV resort communities.  Typically, the RV port homes range between 800 – 1500 square feet and include 1 – 4 bedrooms and 1 – 2.5 baths depending on the size of the home.  The added benefit of this type of RV home is the fully covered coach port with full RV hookup, often connected to the home by a beautiful courtyard, adding even more functional living space to the home.  This type of RV home is ideal for those that plan to live in the home more year round as well entertain frequently.


See all of the latest trends in RV homes for sale Mission, TX when you to tour Retama Village at Bentsen Palm.


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