10 Native Plants to Create a Beautiful Landscape in Your New Tanglewood at Bentsen Palm Home

A beautifully landscaped yard adds to the appeal and value of new homes for sale in Mission, TX.  To ensure that plants survive weather conditions, support the wildlife and longer blooming cycles, it’s always best to choose native plants when deciding on how to landscape.  Residents moving into new homes in Tanglewood at Bentsen Palm already have the benefit of living in a community that encourages homeowners of this McAllen area real estate to plant wildlife friendly habitats in order to provide homes for the many species of birds and butterflies that are native to the area.  We’ve shared ten of our favorites at Bentsen Palm to help get you started on your native plant landscaping journey.

Spanish Dagger or Palma Pita – Known as the queen of the desert, this Yucca is tree-like growing 5-25 with blue-green bayonet shaped leaves and a stalk-like crown of beautiful white flowers that bloom from December to April.

High angle view of green crowded and spreading leaf tops of Yucca aloifolia, common known as Spanish dagger or Joshua tree, in light of morning sun.

Heart-leaf Hibiscus – A shrub-like perennial growing 1-3 feet tall as well as wide; this drought resistant plant is native to the area and blooms crimson red flowers from early summer to late fall.

Macro Hibiscus Flower Heart

Cut-Leaf Evening Primrose – Offering a choice of yellow, white and pink heart-shaped petals, this plant grows from 4-18 inches and blooms March – October. This plant fairs best with part shade.

Barbedwire or Triangle Cactus – With sprawling display of arched spiny stems growing several feet high, this unique cactus is also a night-flowering plant with large, fragrant white blooms that open at night in the summer months.

Texas Frogfruit – An excellent ground cover, this verbena plant looks nice wandering over rocky areas or in hanging baskets. The small white flowers bloom May through October and the green leaves have a red or purple tinge in colder winter months.

Rough Agave – Growing 3-5 feet tall, the size of a small shrub, the Rough Agave enjoys full sun and is highly drought resistant.  When flowering, the plant features yellow flowers and can grow 13-20 feet high.

Chisme – A flowering ground cover with fuchsia colored flowers spreads like gossip according to its Spanish name.  This plant fairs best in rock gardens with good drainage and full sun or part shade and blooms should last June – October.

Cowpen Daisy – Named for the disturbed soil that it grows best in, the Cowpen Daisy has bright beautiful yellow flowers and little water, bright sun and dry soil. The plant grows 1-3 feet high and blooms April – October.  It is also a favorite of late season butterflies.

Monarch Butterfly on Daisy

Chilipiquin Bird Pepper – A sprawling shrub that can grow as high as 7 feet that requires little maintenance and full sun to part shade for growth.  And best of all the small white flowers that bloom throughout the year turn into small fiery red peppers that are edible!

Chilipiquin Bird Pepper

Rio Grande Phlox – A lovely annual ground cover, this native phlox blooms May through June with delicate pink flowers. To keep this plant thriving it is best to remove spent blossoms.
Take a tour of Tanglewood at Bentsen Palm and discover a unique gated community that embraces the beauty of living in harmony with nature.


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