Family Games to You Get Everyone Outside for Fun in the Sun at Your Tanglewood Home

Spring is a beautiful time of year to enjoy getting outside in the yard with your family at your Tanglewood at Bentsen Palm home.  While there is plenty to do nearby with so many amenities in the Bentsen Palm community, you can make your own fun in your beautiful backyard. We’ve shared seven of our favorite outdoor family friendly games to play.

Giant Jenga – You can buy a set or make your own using 2x4s and even get creative coloring the pieces as well.  Everyone will have a blast playing Giant Jenga and seeing how long before the tower topples to the ground.

Cornhole – Quite simply a bean bag toss game that requires as much skill as luck. The game uses two sets of wooden boards with a circular hole set 27 feet apart.  The object of the game is to get the bean bag through the hole.  Whoever gets to 21 or more points first during a completed inning wins.


Bocce Ball – Dating back to ancient Roman Empire games, this popular game requires a standard 8 ball bocce set and one smaller ball called the jack.  You can play 1v1 or in teams of 2, 3 or 4.  You’ll need an open space or a 13’x90’ field to play the game. Once the jack is thrown each team bowls.  The team closest to the jack at the end of the frame wins 1 point or 2 points if their ball is touching the jack. The first to 12 points wins.

Bocce Ball

Badminton – This racquet game also happens to be an Olympic sport. To play the game you’ll need a net, badminton racquets to play singles or doubles and several “birdies” or traditionally known as a shuttlecock.  The goal of this game is to hit the birdie back and forth. Teams earn points when the birdie lands on the ground of the opposing team’s side. The first to reach 21 points wins.


Horseshoes – An old time favorite, you need four horseshoes and two throwing targets (stakes) set in a sandbox area or on the ground 40 feet apart. The game is played between two people (or two teams of two people) with the players alternating turns. Earn 2 points for a ringer (landing around the stake) and one for closest to the stake. Games are played to 21 points.


Ladder Ball – This game involves tossing roped pairs of golf balls, “bolas,” around different rungs of a ladder. Each player gets three bolas.  Each player earns points for bolas left on the ladder at the end of a round.  The top rung is 3 points, middle 2 points and bottom is 1 point. The first to an exact 21 points wins.

Kan Jam – Starting in New York, this game is spreading across the country.  The object is to throw your Frisbee, or disc, into a large-sized can or container. The goal is to score the most points by sending your disc into the allotted container. If the disc is thrown directly into a special slot on the side of the container, your team is an instant winner.

If you’re looking for new homes for sale in Mission, TX with a great yard to play in be sure to visit the McAllen real estate area’s number one master planned community, Bentsen Palm.  Your family is sure to fall in love with the Tanglewood neighborhood.


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