Design Your Dream Tanglewood Home Kitchen with the Top Five Tips

The kitchen is one of the rooms you spend most of your time, which is why designing a space that works best for your needs is so important.  And best of all your new Tanglewood at Bentsen Palm home comes standard with amazing features and gourmet options including, solid wood cabinets, granite and tumbled stone countertops and tile floors.  To help you get started on designing the optimal kitchen that fits your Tanglewood Home, we’ve shared our top five tips.

Function first.  The shape of your kitchen should match how you want it to function.  There are a few design tips that can help you decide what to choose when looking at new homes in Mission, TX. L-shaped kitchens offer more privacy when cooking and tend to move traffic out of the work area.  A zone shaped kitchen refers to the placement of the three main areas, eating, cooking and cleaning, being separated and it offers more space and for multiple people in the kitchen at once.  The galley shape means you’ll have a narrower space with a kitchen that runs along two walls with the sink on one side and the range on the other. The U-shaped kitchen typically has an island in the middle and offers more counter space and cabinet space for storage.

Kitchen contemporary style

Light the way. While overhead lighting works fine in most parts of your Bentsen Palm home, in the kitchen that tends to be insufficient and can cast a shadow on your work space.  Under cabinet lighting is great for positioning the light to fall in front of you and make it easier to see what you are doing while you cook and prepare meals.

Light the Way

Choose enough storage. One mistake you’ll want to avoid is not selecting enough cabinet space in your new kitchen. While you may have fit everything you need in your old kitchen, consider what you would do with some extra room like put those appliances away instead of leaving them on the counter.  Take overhead cabinets to the ceiling and eliminate the dusty gap between the top and consider deeper drawers for easier access and don’t forget to hide recycle and trash bins away now that you have the room.

Fresh vegetables and bread in the kitchen
More counter space! You can never have too much counter space. If you love to cook and be in the kitchen or have your family around you while you’re cooking, be sure to choose both a design that affords you that ability as well as countertops that are easy to work with and care for.

Pick a focal point.  We know it’s your dream kitchen, but pick your focal point so you don’t overwhelm the look with too many patterns.  Whether it’s fancy floors, sizable range hood, bright kitchen cabinets, or a beautiful countertop pattern, select one as the focal point in your kitchen design and complement that area with other softer details.

Pick a focal point

If you’re looking for premium kitchen options in McAllen area real estate listings, Tanglewood at Bentsen Palm has everything you’ll need to create your dream kitchen space.


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