Getting to Know Top Hike & Bike Trails in Mission and McAllen, TX

Many of the people who choose to live in Tanglewood at Bentsen Palm enjoy getting out and exploring the unique environment of the Rio Grande Valley. McAllen area real estate listings are surrounded by miles of amazing hike and bike trails. While looking at Bentsen Palm’s new homes for sale Mission, TX residents are always pleased to find that there are 10 miles of hike and bike trails right within the community.

When you want to venture off the Bentsen Palm paths, here are three of the area’s top hike and bike trails to try.

City of Mission Hike and Bike Trail

This highly rated trail is great for both walking a paved path and mountain biking over rough terrain. Don’t be surprised if one of the local roadrunners decides to join you – there’s lots of wildlife around the trail. The Mission Hike and Bike Trail is 5 miles long on the paved portion, but there are no bathrooms along the way. Another thing to be aware of it all the cacti that have been known to give bikers flat tires.

Bicentennial Hike and Bike Trail

In McAllen the Bicentennial Hike and Bike Trail is one of the most popular spots for walking, running and biking. The trail features 5.5 paved miles that is wheelchair accessible.

McAllen Second Street Hike and Bike Trail

There is another hike and bike trail in McAllen along Second Street. This trail is eight miles long and features large trees that help to shade the path.


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