Bentsen Palm Shares Top Features of a Detached Single Family Home

The term detached single-family home means a home that is on a lot of varying sizes and occupied by a single family or resident versus an attached home, which can be a condo/townhome or courtyard garden homes.  There are several advantages to choosing a detached single family home. Developers of the beautiful Bentsen Palm community share the top reasons to consider why a detached single family Rio Grande new homes may be right for your family.


Greater Options for Floorplan Design – Buying a detached single family home, pre-built or building new, affords the ability to choose your floorplan layout and decide whether you want a master up or down, open living space, number of bedrooms and bathrooms all with ability to customize to your lifestyle.  Plus, if you’re building new, you’ll be able to make selections for the final features and finishes.  In a townhome or attached home community there are typically limited number of layouts and design options available.


More Space – Attached homes are often smaller and tighter on space by design.  With the greater square footage of a detached home comes the opportunity for more space to better suite your family’s needs.  Whether you want room for an office, media room or extra bedrooms for entertaining guests, you’ll have greater flexibility to choose a home that is the right size versus a one size fits all approach.


Greater Privacy – If not hearing your neighbors every move or seeing them each morning while you sip your coffee on your balcony is important to you, then detached single family home living is for you!  With connecting walls and outdoor areas your privacy is limited in an attached home setting. With a detached home, the lot surrounding your home offers more privacy as does the design of the home, which includes thicker walls, strategically placed windows and fencing around the yard.


Outdoor Living Areas – Attached homes often have a small patio to afford some outdoor living, but do not include a yard.  Detached single family homes are built on lots that will include a yard in both the front and back of the home, plus patios and porches for ample outdoor living space. The average single family house in the U.S. is built on .35 acres and depending on whether the home is a single story or two story will also determine how much of the lot is available for outdoor living.


Storage Areas – You don’t have to be a collector of anything to want more storage space.  Detached single family homes include plenty of storage areas to keep items that aren’t used every day out of sight, including two-car garages, attics, utility rooms and spacious closets in high traffic areas and bedrooms.

Explore the spacious and innovative Rio Grande new homes floorplans in the Bentsen Palm community and find the perfect fit for your family.


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