Bentsen Palm Shares Tips & Tricks to Spring Clean Your Rio Grande Valley New Home

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Spring is the time to get out and soak up the beautiful weather and take in the blooming sites, but you’ll find that fun in the sun more enjoyable knowing your spring cleaning is out of the way.

Get your home sparkling with our top tips and tricks to spring clean your new home in the Rio Grande Valley.

Make Windows Sparkle Inside and Out – It’s warm outside, but not too warm yet, so now is the perfect time to head out and wipe down outside windows and glass doors. And don’t forget to remove screens and clean around the frames as well.

Get Cabinets Shining Like New – If you’ve lived in your new Rio Grande Valley home for a year or so, make time this spring to dust and remove any grime on the cabinets, especially in the kitchen. If you don’t typically run the exhaust fan while cooking, then grease can build up on your cabinets. Use a cabinet cream to remove the dirt and moisturize the wood to have it looking like new!

Protect Your Countertops – If you have granite countertops and they were sealed when you moved into your new home in the Rio Grande Valley, it’s a good idea to have them sealed again one year later to protect against stains.

Freshen Up the Refrigerator – This often-overlooked chore should be done at least once a year. Pull out the food, shelves, and drawers, toss anything dated and wipe down everything inside and out. Now you can organize those shelves again and have it looking like you just moved into your new home!

Organize Your Closets – This not so favorite chore can be harder for some, but it is a must at least once a year. You start every day here picking out what to wear, so by getting it well organized you’ll feel less disorganized in the morning, and it will make your daily routine all the faster. Be sure to pull everything out and make a pile of things to keep and things to donate. It’s pretty unlikely everything needs to go back in unless you’re already a minimalist.

Get the Funk Out of the Washing Machine – While it may be surprising, your washing machine can need a little TLC as well. If you have build-up or the washing machine is smelly, don’t stick another load in, disinfect it first. Use distilled white vinegar and baking soda; run the hot water and add the cleaning agents and then let it sit for 30-60 minutes. Finish the cycle and then wipe the machine out to remove any residue.

Touch Up the Walls and Baseboards – Paint chips, smudges, and dirt can have a home looking like it’s been lived in for longer than it has. Be sure to keep a small supply of your paint colors on hand or a list of the colors so you can get the right paint to touch up any chips, smudges, or areas that paint has been rubbed off. Don’t forget to wipe down any spots or dirt as well.

Dust and Sweep in Those Forgotten Places – Bookshelves, under furniture, behind and under beds, and appliances – just because you don’t see the dust and dirt doesn’t mean it’s not there. Be sure to dust in these forgotten places at least once or twice a year.

Discover the exceptionally built new Bentsen Palm homes for sale in the Rio Grande Valley. Get your spring cleaning out of the way. Then, discover all the fun things there are to do in the Rio Grande Valley!


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