What are the Best New Home Features to Have in Your New Mission, TX Home

Buying a new Home for Sale in Mission TX Interior Design Features

Buying a new home in Mission, TX means you get to choose how to equip your home with all of the most thoughtful features available on the market today. Our features create rich spaces from traditional designs and make them homes that are easy to live in. Here are a few of the features we have in our Bentsen Palm homes.

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Flexible Layout
The elimination of formal living areas makes space for the increasing growth of flexible living. Bentsen Palm offers several plans that are designed to accommodate shifts in the ways families grow and change. In many of our designs, square footage has given way to practicality with spaces focused on function rather than formality. Our streamlined layouts feel spacious with less clutter.  

Not surprisingly, open floor plans centered around a great room and kitchen continue to be our most popular feature. Our plans accommodate for spaces that can convert into a home office, a second bedroom, or whatever other purpose suits that moment in a family’s life. We love to build flexibility into homes so buyers can use the space however it fits their needs.

Practical Storage
Open floor plans are a fabulous evolution in new homes today. But without smart storage, you could end up with a lot of clutter. We have spent a lot of time designing the right amount of out-of-sight-storage. In our kitchens, there are primary storage zones for essential cooking items, along with flexible spaces that homeowners can adapt to their needs.  Need wine storage or a kitchen workstation? Our storage strategy was designed to go either way.

Closet space works for both office, bedroom or hobby with options for built-in shelves that move around for the way you live now, or in the future.

Interior Details
Modern living means that interiors need to reflect the way our residents live. Wireless compatibility throughout the home allows our buyers to work anywhere in the home.  Lots of outlets ensure that homeowners can plug in at the kitchen island, on the living room couch, or outside on the patio.

To ensure that homes operate at their most efficient, ceiling fans and programmable thermostats create practical energy efficiency that is a must for our South Texas climate.   

App-driven technology allows our buyers home control that’s practical and understandable. Technology translates into the ability to control lighting, garage doors, HVAC and security systems. All of which are conveniently controlled using your smartphone!

Our features are thoughtful and include flexibility for the way life changes on you. 

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